Best Foods to Keep in your Backpack

Whether you’re just heading out for an afternoon stroll or you’re undertaking a multiday hike, you’re sure to be wanting to take some food with you. Since you’re going to be lugging your backpack with you everywhere, you’ll want to pack food that has a high energy to weight ratio and that, most importantly, is still tasty to eat!



Dried meats have been a standard of humans on the move for thousands of years. Extremely high in protein, light to carry and with a very flexible range of seasonings – jerky is a must have for anyone that wants something to snack on as they walk. You can get a large variety of different jerky meats from venison and beef, to kangaroo. Jerky can come in a variety of different styles on a scale from soft to tough and chewy – it’s all down to your preference.

Nuts & Dried Fruit

If you’re vegan, vegetarian or want some variety in your dried snacks, then nuts and dried fruit are another great choice for your backpack. Just like jerky, these are high in protein and easy to carry, making them the perfect trail food. You’ll be able to find a huge variety of nuts and dried fruits, including sticks of fruit jerky!

One Pot Meals

It’s not uncommon to spend a night or two camping when you’re on a longer hike, so you’ll most likely want to pack something a bit more substantial than dried fruits and meats. Since you have to carry everything that you need, you should prioritise meals that can be made with minimal preparation and cooked in a single pot. This will save you from carrying your whole kitchen around on your back. Canned and dehydrated meals are the standard choices for one pot meals, and instant noodles, in particular, have become a staple of a hiker’s diet.

Ready to Eat Meals

You might have noticed that there is a bit of a gap between snacking and full-blown cooked meals – but you’re not alone. There are a wide range of products on the market that aim to fill this gap by being more filling than a snack, but ready to eat straight out the packet. These ready to eat meals can come in a variety of forms, including solid bars and military-style ration packets, then even include self-heating elements making them hot to eat straight from the bag!

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