Must Visit National Parks in Australia 

Australia is filled with wonderful national parks and places to visit that fully represent the diversity of this country, in a way that a lot of non-Australians just don’t understand. If you ask someone from outside Australia to describe what it looks like, it is likely that they’ll describe it as an orange sand desert with dry eucalypts and dangerous animals, nothing more. But that is ignoring the sheer wealth of diversity that this continent has, from jungles to mountain ranges, forests, plains, deserts, mangroves and beaches – Australia almost has no equal when it comes to beautiful places. 

So, if you’d like to see that beauty and diversity first hand, then why not pay a visit to some of Australia’s best National Parks, that I’ve conveniently turned into a list for you. 


Western Australia 

This stunning area is filled with gorges, waterfalls and swimming holes, making it the perfect place to go for a splash in natural surroundings. The views in this park are hard to beat, all you’ll quickly fill your camera’s memory capacity with all the pictures you’ll be taking!  

Northern Territories 

Kakadu is Australia’s largest national park (about the same size as Slovenia), and it is one of the most stunning areas in the world. Packed full of a huge variety of both plants and animals, Kakadu has so much to see that even a lifetime of visits will not be enough. A particular highlight of the park are the Aboriginal wall art sites, with their beautiful depictions of Aboriginal life and culture. 

Great Sandy

Not to be confused with the massive desert of the same name, Great Sandy National Park is one of Australia’s most pristine coastlines. Perfect for those who enjoy strolls across the beach and swimming in warm waters.  

Blue Mountains
New South Wales 

Blue Mountains national park is just a stone’s throw away from Sydney and is ideal for a day trip away from the city. The mountains are named after the blue eucalypt mists that hang around the area, and there are numerous vantage points that you can visit for some truly striking views. The park also has lots of adventurous activities on offer, including hang gliding and abseiling. 


Daintree is the best rainforest area in Australia to pay a visit to. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park is filled with wonderful fauna and flora to see. With the Great Barrier Reef running alongside the park, you’ll be able to spend every day visiting something new on land and on the water. 

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